How To Turn On A Leaf Blower?

How To Turn On A Leaf Blower? Leaf blowers are a great tool for clearing leaves, debris, and grass clippings from your lawn or driveway. If you are new to using a leaf blower, it’s important to know how to turn it on properly. 

How To Turn On A Leaf Blower?

Here are the steps to turn on a leaf blower:

1. Check The Fuel And Oil

Before starting the leaf blower, check the fuel and oil levels. Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank and that the oil level is adequate.

2. Prime The Engine

To prime, the engine, press the primer bulb several times until you see fuel in the bulb. This helps to ensure that there is fuel in the carburetor for easy starting.

3. Set The Choke

Next, set the choke to the “closed” or “full” position. This helps to enrich the fuel mixture and makes starting the engine easier.

4. Set The Throttle

Set the throttle to the “start” or “run” position. This controls the speed of the engine and allows it to start running.

5. Pull The Starter Rope

Grasp the starter rope and pull it briskly to start the engine. Repeat this step until the engine starts. Be sure to keep your grip firm and to keep your body away from the discharge chute.

6. Release The Choke

Once the engine is running, release the choke gradually to the “open” or “run” position. This allows the engine to warm up and run smoothly.

7. Adjust The Throttle

Adjust the throttle to the desired speed for the job at hand. This controls the air speed and volume of the leaf blower and allows you to customize the settings to your needs.

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Do You Start A Leaf Blower With The Choke Open Or Closed?

All gas-powered handheld tools have a choke that lets you adjust how rich or lean the mixture of gasoline and air that goes to the engine, and for a cold start, it needs to be in a closed position.

How Does A Leaf Blower Work?

A leaf blower will take the outside air and spin it using a motor and fan with multiple blades this is called the impeller. As the air is spinning, it creates a centrifugal force that sends it through the smaller blower tube. Centrifugal force refers to an outward force in a rotating frame of reference.

Why Is My Blower Hard To Start?

If your blower is having a difficult time starting, then you may be dealing with a carburetor issue. The carburetor’s job is to ensure the proper mix of fuel and air is directed to the blower’s engine. As mentioned, the carburetor can become clogged, making it difficult for fuel and air to enter the engine.

How Do I Know If My Blower Is Working?

Here are 4 common symptoms of a bad blower motor:

  1. Low/no airflow from vents. The classic sign of a bad blower motor is restricted airflow coming from your air vents. 
  2. Strange sounds coming from the blower. 
  3. The circuit breaker keeps tripping. 
  4. Hot/burning smell coming from air vents.


In conclusion, turning on a leaf blower is a simple process that involves priming the engine, setting the choke, setting the throttle, pulling the starter rope, releasing the choke, and adjusting the throttle. With these steps in mind, you can start your leaf blower with ease and get to work clearing your yard or driveway. Remember to wear protective gear such as ear protection and safety goggles when operating a leaf blower.


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