What Is A Troll Crab?

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In the vast and mysterious world of marine life, there are creatures that captivate our imagination and challenge our understanding of the ocean’s depths. One such enigmatic entity is the “Troll Crab.” While it might sound like a creature from folklore or fantasy, the Troll Crab has garnered attention as a potential new species. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of the Troll Crab, its origins, and the ongoing debate surrounding its existence.

What Is A Troll Crab?

The term “Troll Crab” has gained traction primarily through social media and online discussions. It’s often used to describe a supposed new species of crab that exhibits peculiar characteristics, such as its elongated, spindly legs and otherworldly appearance. The name “Troll Crab” conjures up images of mythical creatures from folklore, adding to its aura of intrigue.

Origins And Uncertainty

The origin of the Troll Crab concept is a bit of a mystery in itself. While there have been claims of its discovery in deep-sea environments, the actual scientific validity of such claims is questionable. It’s important to note that many of the images and descriptions attributed to the Troll Crab are often speculative and lack concrete evidence from reputable marine biology sources.

Cryptic Species And Misidentification

In the vast and unexplored realms of the deep sea, there is a possibility of encountering species that have yet to be documented. Cryptic species—those that are difficult to spot due to their habitat or behavior—are not uncommon. However, species misidentification is also a significant factor. Unfamiliar and poorly understood animals might be mistaken for new species due to unusual appearances.

The Importance Of Scientific Rigor

In the field of marine biology and zoology, the discovery of a new species is a meticulous process that involves careful observation, thorough documentation, and peer-reviewed research. Scientists follow a rigorous methodology to establish the validity of a new species, ensuring that it is distinct from known species and supported by evidence.


The concept of the Troll Crab captures the imagination and curiosity of those fascinated by the mysteries of the deep sea. While the allure of discovering a new and unusual creature is undeniably captivating, it’s crucial to approach claims of new species with scientific skepticism and critical thinking. In an age where information can spread rapidly through the internet, discerning fact from fiction becomes all the more important. As we continue to explore the oceans’ depths, it is the rigorous work of marine biologists and scientists that will reveal the true wonders of the deep, dispelling myths and shedding light on the mysteries that lie beneath the waves.

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What Species Is Troll Crab?

Lithodes majais commonly referred to as King crab, Trollkrabbe, Stone crab, Deepsea king crab, Northern stone crab.

What Is Another Name For A Troll Crab?

Today’s critter is a Lithodes maja, or Northern stone crab (Trollkrabbe in Norwegian).

Which One Is King Crab?

king crab, also called Alaskan king crab, or Japanese crab, (Paralithodes camtschaticus), marine crustacean of the order Decapoda, class Malacostraca. This edible crab is found in the shallow waters off Japan, along the coast of Alaska, and in the Bering Sea.

Why Is A King Crab Not A True Crab?

Crustaceans in the Brachyura group are known to have four pairs of walking legs while false crabs often only have three, and true crabs only have antennae between their eyes whereas false crabs have antennae elsewhere.

What is a Norwegian king crab?