What Is SCP 579?

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In the captivating world of the SCP Foundation, SCP-579 stands as one of the most enigmatic and mysterious anomalies. Within the vast catalog of SCPs (Secure, Contain, Protect), SCP-579 stands out for its unexplained nature and potential threat. In this blog, we will explore the essence of SCP-579, its anomalous properties, containment procedures, and the shroud of mystery that surrounds it.

What Is SCP 579?

SCP-579 is classified as an “Euclid” class SCP, indicating its potential for unpredictable behavior and the need for active containment protocols. Its true nature and origin remain largely unknown, contributing to its air of intrigue and apprehension.

Anomalous Properties

  1. Non-Visual Entity: SCP-579 is described as a “non-visual” entity, meaning that it cannot be observed directly through any known means. Its presence is primarily detected through the manifestation of its effects.
  2. Destructive Influence: SCP-579 is associated with a highly destructive influence, causing catastrophic consequences when left uncontained. The exact mechanisms and range of its destructive capabilities are not fully understood.
  3. Resistance to Containment: SCP-579 has displayed resistance to conventional containment methods and measures. Its anomalous nature and unpredictable behavior make it challenging to restrain and neutralize.

Containment Procedures

Due to the elusive and destructive nature of SCP-579, strict containment procedures have been established to mitigate its potential harm:

  1. Containment Chamber: SCP-579 is housed in a specially constructed containment chamber designed to limit its influence and minimize its destructive capabilities. The chamber’s structure and materials are carefully selected to withstand potential threats.
  2. Remote Monitoring: SCP-579 is monitored remotely using advanced surveillance equipment and sensors. This allows for continuous observation and data collection, enabling researchers to study its effects indirectly.
  3. Research and Analysis: Extensive research is conducted to better understand SCP-579’s properties and find ways to counter its destructive influence. This includes collaboration between specialists in anomalous phenomena, containment experts, and researchers within the SCP Foundation.

The Enigma Of SCP-579

Despite ongoing research and containment efforts, SCP-579 continues to defy full comprehension. Numerous theories and speculations have arisen within the SCP Foundation community, but no definitive explanation regarding its true nature and purpose has been discovered.

Theories And Speculations

  1. Extra-Dimensional Origin: Some theories suggest that SCP-579 originates from an unknown extra-dimensional plane, explaining its elusiveness and resistance to conventional detection methods.
  2. Reality-Altering Properties: Speculation has arisen regarding SCP-579’s potential ability to manipulate or disrupt the fabric of reality itself. This could explain its destructive capabilities and resistance to containment.
  3. Connection to Other SCPs: The SCP Foundation has identified possible connections between SCP-579 and other anomalies within its vast catalog. These connections could hold clues to unraveling the mystery surrounding SCP-579’s true nature.


SCP-579 stands as a captivating and perplexing anomaly within the SCP Foundation’s extensive collection. Its non-visual nature, destructive influence, and resistance to containment have made it a subject of both curiosity and concern. As the SCP Foundation continues its research and containment efforts, the enigma of SCP-579 remains, challenging our understanding of the anomalous and pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. The search for answers continues, as researchers strive to shed light on the true nature and origins of this unfathomable anomaly.

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What Is SCP 5999?

SCP-5999 is that kill agent. Each of the sections are cliche horror stories designed to pull in the reader and all hide an underlying mystery to make you keep reading. Each of the reports are written by meta characters (Swann, Researcher Talloran, Smalls, etc.).

Who Created SCP-5000?

Pietro Wilson appears as the main protagonist in the 120 page graphic novel adaptation of SCP-5000 WHY? by writer Tanhony, illustrated by artist DrDobermann and published by Discordia Publishing.

Is SCP A Secret?

The SCP Foundation is a fictional secret organization documented by the collaborative-writing wiki project of the same name.

How Many SCPs Are There?

I don’t have an exact number for how many SCPs (Secure, Contain, Protect) there are in total, as new SCPs are created by the SCP Foundation community on an ongoing basis. As of September 2021, the SCP Foundation wiki contains over 6000 SCP entries, with more added regularly.


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